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Vrijdag gratis

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Come on, just watch it. It truly should be seen to be believed – and then you’ll have context to listen to & enjoy WHM & HDTGM?!’s podcast eps about it. I’ve watched endless terrible movies just for the joy of listening to those two podcasts rip them to shreds.

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But sis… it’s over two hours long!!!


Freja….Freja, Freja, Freja… AND WHAT OF IT?. That’s just more time with your BEST MOVIE NIGHT FRIENDS!

Ok I have wanted to listen to an episode of HDTGM because I love Jason Matzoukas. And thus movie was a total mess so it might be awesome to watch with a group.


please help if you can.. i have $2 lol paypal.me/ondiko

Hi friends, it’s me again.
I don’t know how to say sorry anymore. Sorry again. Sorry, sorry, sorry x10000. Me and my sister are in big trouble. :/

the person who was supposed to sign the lease with us this month bailed on us on the day of the signing, leaving us to cover their first and last, and us jobless because of covid-19 selves with nothing. literally nothing. It happened again halfway through the month with another person, and now we’re really panicking.

covid-19 cases are rising in toronto, ottawa declared a second wave, and the government is ending CERB and ODSP covers basically rent, and pretending things are back to normal when it’s completely not. renting a room in toronto is not difficult, it shouldn’t be difficult. but the pandemic has fucked everything up

i have to wait until second semester to go back to school because 1) i’m immunocompromised 2 )my ADHD really can’t handle all online classes, and 3) idk where my homeless father is at, but he won’t do his taxes therefore student loans can’t be released to me until i go through leaps and bounds to explain the situation.not being in school means i don’t have coverage and i can’t afford to attend regular therapy. i really, really need to attend trauma therapy regularly due to my c-ptsd, depression, gad, ed-nos, and ADHD lol the entire trauma of my chinese mom leaving me and my sister’s half black asses right when elementary school with my kenyan father, his abusive girlfriends, his baby my brother that got taken away, and his unresolved angry depression and alcoholism has really shown itself in my mid-20s..

i have had to be 5150’d 5 times in the last few years, and the last one lasted for a month in december, where i even did electroconvulsive therapy. i really wish i could be in the hospital again, that i could afford rehabilitation.i need help to survive again, i’m so sorry. i’m praying we find someone, but until then, we have zero muns, maxed cards, and homelessness looming over us. the only good thing is i’m losing weight again from not being able to really afford food lol but dark

i decided to add receipts so that you guys don’t think i’m lying cause lol i found some forum talking about ontd that sent attacks at me and others :/ to be fully transparent (open spoilers for bank account lol people bailing)

[Spoiler (click to open)]

anyhoo, if you can help in any way, i would be so fking grateful. you’ve helped me before, and i’m sorry for asking again, but idk. ty for letting me write nostalgia posts (like below), and interacting with it, it makes me feel v v v v v happy in the darkest of times

if u can pls help, donate to paypal.me/ondiko or e-transfer ondioduor@g*mail.com

ONTD Original: 12 TRACKS that will TRANSPORT you STRAIGHT into a 90s/EARLY-2000s TEEN MOVIEONTD Original: SWEATY CLUB TRACKS THAT’LL MAKE YOU FEEL YOUNG & HIGH AGAINONTD Original: 13 KPOP BOPS FOR YOUR CONSIDERATIONONTD Original: 11 LADY R&B JAMS THAT’LL SEND YOU BACK TO THE BLACK NINETIESONTD Original: 11 Early 2000s Pop Rock Tracks For Your Angsty Pubescent SoulONTD Original: 12 Songs You Had No Business Listening to As a KidONTD Original: 10 Forgotten CANADIAN Bangersand other posts fskdgnmx

thank you so so so so so much, and sorry again x135845030

your neighbourhood nostalgia trash guy. frankie lotions

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Re: please help if you can.. i have $2 lol paypal.me/ondiko

I’m so sorry you’re struggling right now. I just sent you $75. I hope things turn around for you and your sister ♥️ Are there foodbanks that you can access?

RE: Re: please help if you can.. i have $2 lol paypal.me/ondiko

thank you so much, wow.

yes, i’ve been trying, but many aren’t in my area, and when i do get there, it’s really, really scarce because of everything going on right now them not being able to stay open for long periods of time 🙁

Re: please help if you can.. i have $2 lol paypal.me/ondiko

I just sent you something! I’m so sorry you’re going through such a tough time. Sending love and light, you got this.

Re: please help if you can.. i have $2 lol paypal.me/ondiko

sent you a little bit (i’m not working right now so i’m scared to spend money) but don’t apologize for asking for help. nobody decent would resent you for it and we are still a community at the end of the day. thank you for posting and being a bright light on this site

RE: please help if you can.. i have $2 lol paypal.me/ondiko

this is the last time for real, i should and am very ashamed. i thought i had thicker skin, but reading the comments in response to this on that ontd-pandemic page is really killing me in a way i never could be online.. i’m black and queer, yes, and that’s afforded me a lifelong lesson in compartmentalizing hurt, but it doesn’t work when you’re exposing yourself oy

if i need help again, i’ll try my darnest to fix the situation myself. you guys are beautiful. thank you for being so kind, but yeah. this is wrong of me to do. i need to be an adult like i was before my childhood manifested itself into my brain ://

i’m really, really sorry guys. thank you for helping me. i promise i won’t do it again. i just. everyone is suffering atm. most people are suffering. i’m sorry. i just want to make people smile and doing this (advertising my suffering like it’s on clearance) here isn’t it i think

i’m really, really sorry

i hope everyone who enjoys my posts continues to enjoy them in the future though. writing, sharing music, commenting in this community is really healing, and i don’t want anything to impede on that

sorry, sorry again


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RE: please help if you can.. i have $2 lol paypal.me/ondiko

thank you again ontd for believing in me. or even if you don’t, thank you for being interested in what i have to say. for making me feel comfortable enough to write professionally again after a break that lasted a year and a half

people can say what they want about this community, but i know, personally, that it has made me feel like i’ve been doing more than just existing since undergrad ended. sounds stupid, but idc. i luv u ontd.

thank you for still being here in the year of our lord 2020

i’m sorry, the floodgates broke

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stewie dethroned, omg!

RE: stewie dethroned, omg!

You just basically put a hit on p0uritup. rip

Re: stewie dethroned, omg!

It always blows my mind when I make the top 10.

I might have cracked the top 5 when a post of mine unexpectedly got 500 comments.

Re: stewie dethroned, omg!




Don’t worry I plan on dropping my new single this Fall and take back that no. 1 spot on the LJ Hot 100.

Song Of The Year 2020

Cant believe there was no post for this masterpiece

I hate waiting for an emaillllll

Today was a good day!

I got my flu shot, feeling accomplished from that

Also picked up some food fall treats from Trader Joe’s for the weekend. And it’s raining! Vibes on vibes

ooh what’d you get at Trader Joes?

I got a lot!

Pumpkin brioche bread, going to use it for French toast

Those pumpkin rolls you mentioned that come in a cinnamon roll tube

Cinnamon roll spread in case I feel like the pumpkin rolls need a cinnamon kick

Boxed cookie mix for chocolate chip pumpkin cookies

And then this just feels like fall to me because my family always has it at thanksgiving but I bought a jar or this spicy jam that you put over cheese and serve with crackers

I’m all set lol

Yes! What fall treats does tj’s have atm?

I got my flu shot a couple weeks ago!

High five!

Good for you on getting your flu shot! Also super jealous that you get all the TJ goodies. I hope they’ zijn goed.

Ik voel me gelukkig. Ik heb de meeste van mijn favorieten ontmoet:

JC Chasez 3x

Jesse McCartney 7x

Shia (vroeger) 3 keer

Sidney Crosby 1x

Evgeni Malkin 1x

Ik word er verdomd blij van.

Evgeni Malkin x1

stanning a putin stan … 🤔 ok dan


Hij is Ovi niet. Rusland mag hem niet eens vanwege zijn vertrek.

“Heb je ooit een telefoontje op je mobiele telefoon gekregen van president Vladimir Poetin?

Evgeni Malkin:” Nee, ik ben tenslotte Alexander Ovechkin niet. ” [glimlachend] “

Heb je Jesse gevraagd naar zijn SVU-aflevering

De pizza special vanavond was tempeh worst, paprika en ui, dus ik heb dat, een boerenkool caesar salade en een pindakaas taart en ik ben te vol om de taart te hebben lol. Maar de moeite waard. Ik ben blij dat ze nog steeds contactloos ophalen aan de stoep, want binnen eten is weer terug en ik wil niet binnen wachten op eten.

Oh goed, ik heb in je pizza geïnvesteerd na het zien van je opmerking vanmorgen lol

omg dat klinkt geweldig

omg dat klinkt goed

Ik heb dinsdag een pizza besteld en dat kostte me 2 nachten om af te maken, maar ik wil er nu een andere krijgen na deze opmerking

Mijn nieuwe telefoon is echt leuk!
Hij is kleiner dan mijn oude, maar alles wordt geladen en reageert zo veel sneller!

Welke is het?

Google Pixel 4a

(geen onderwerp) yurasama_love Uitbreiden artikel>

(geen onderwerp) yurasama_love Uitbreiden artikel>

Tik tok

Ik ben lid geworden van tik tok en eerlijk gezegd heb ik geen idee wat ik aan het doen ben, ik heb het gevoel dat ik er 10 jaar te oud voor ben, maar ik kan niet stoppen met het bekijken van video’s?

Re: Tik tok

Je bent niet de enige! Ik kan daar 3 uur doorbrengen en het voelt als 1 minuut

Ik was veel te moe om naar de apotheek te gaan en mijn lokale wietjongen te sturen en hij zei dat hij me zou slaan als hij ging bevallen, dit was 3 uur geleden en nu het is te laat om naar de winkel te gaan. 😤😤😤

Dit is precies waarom ik het niet erg vind om $ 60 voor een achtste te betalen bij de apotheek.

Ik begon seksuele voorlichting, het kostte me een minuutje om erachter te komen dat de setting pure fantasie was lol.

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