Houd Antsy Kids bezig met dit sensorische speelgoed van minder dan $ 10 van Amazon

Houd Antsy Kids bezig met dit sensorische speelgoed van minder dan $ 10 van Amazon

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Two kids playing with stretchy toys on the floor

Got a rambunctious little one? Keep them occupied with monkey noodles!

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably been in a few stressful situations where you just can’t get your child to chill out. Whether they’re misbehaving at the grocery store (mine thinks it’s hilarious to sneak every snack they see into the cart) or acting like hooligans in the dentist waiting room, keeping them under control can turn into a battle at times.

First of all, you deserve an award for having patience day in and day out! Second of all, I highly recommend keeping these Impresa sensory/fidget toys (also known as monkey noodles!) in your back pocket for those chaotic days.

Quick note! This post is not sponsored. I happened to get these monkey noodles for my kids and needed to rave about all the fun they’ve had playing with them. 🙂

stretchy monkey noodle sensory toys on a counter next to the box

So, what exactly are monkey noodles anyway?

No, they’re not animal-shaped pasta if that’s what you were wondering. They’re colorful sensory toys that are ultra-stretchy and super fun to play with! Both of my kids have a blast twirling and twisting them around and I am all for easy entertainment that doesn’t involve electronics.

They’re small enough to fit into a purse or diaper bag and they’re perfect for keeping kids entertained when they get bored and you’re out of ideas to keep them occupied.

A boy playing with a stretchy fidget toy on a blanket outside

They’re especially great for children with ADD/ADHD, OCD, autism, and anxiety.

If your little one struggles with any of these things, you probably have your hands full more than normal. My son is on the spectrum and has ADHD and his behavior can be unexpected and irrational at a moment’s notice. Not to mention the amount of energy my little guy has!

As soon as we opened our box of monkey noodles, my son was drawn to them because of the bright colors and how cool they felt in his hands. I expected him to get bored with them quickly (because that’s what happens with most of our toys), but he played with them for at least an hour, no joke! 🙌

A little boy playing with stretchy noodle toys

If my son doesn’t have something to hold and play with when we’re at a store, he’ll either poke at his sister, pick his nose, pull his hair, and eventually start grabbing things off of shelves. I’d like to avoid all of those situations at all costs!

I’m so excited to use these fun sensory toys as a tool to help him focus once school starts back up. Many teachers and behavioral therapists have used them in classroom settings to help kids concentrate while getting their fidget fix.

A hand holding monkey noodle sensory toys

They’re also a great tool for teens and adults who need a little sensory stimulation to help them get through their work or school day. If you’re an adult that gets bored easily, you might become addicted to these stretchy noodles as a few other adults have.

“This is my absolute favorite fidget! I’m an adult with autism and ADHD. I carry one around with me everywhere I go. It definitely assists me in staying calm/still while I’m at work. I’ve recommended it to several friends!– Amazon reviewer

Hands washing off sensory toys in the sink

Cleaning the noodles is so easy!

When I saw that the monkey noodles were made out of rubbery material, I was worried they would get dirty and dingy really fast, but the silicone material is very durable and unbelievable easy to wash off. With just a quick water rinse, they are as good as new again!

Monkey noodle toys in the box

Here’s what a few Amazon users have to say about their cool sensory toys:

“I bought these for a student with sensory issues, and it’s really calmed him down and allowed him to function. I have even found myself using it while in meetings.”

“My toddler with sensory issues absolutely loves these. He likes string-type things and we’ve had these for 24 hours and he doesn’t want to play with anything else. The monkey strings seem pretty durable so far. I am rather impressed!”

“My 7 yr old son is on the spectrum and has ADHD. He’s always loved the stretchy squishy toys as they give him the sensory he needs. He’s a boy, so he’s rough on things. He normally breaks the squishy water-filled toys within a week so I decided to go a different route this time. He absolutely LOVES these!” 

“My daughter who has ADHD is a constant fidgeter. Usually, her go to methods during lectures are her pencils which she constantly drops. She now takes these to class with her. They give her something to occupy her hands and if she drops them they do not roll away from her. A little unconventional, but they really work for her.”

A little girl twirling a stretchy toy in the air

Stretch them, twirl them, squeeze them!

If you or your kiddo are in need of an effective fidget or tactile stimulation toy, I cannot recommend Impresa Monkey Noodles enough. For just $9.99, they are well worth all of the amazing benefits they provide us parents, but more importantly, our blossoming children!

If your kids are constantly antsy like mine, you’ve got to try some of these fun minimal supervision activities at home!

CBD Olie kan helpen bij ADHD. Lees hoe op MHBioShop.com

Huile de CBD peut aider avec TDAH. Visite HuileCBD.be

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