Het juiste ontbijt om je hersenen te stimuleren

Het juiste ontbijt om je hersenen te stimuleren

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A healthy option

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Who opens their fridge in the morning and decides to eat breakfast to boost their brain function?  Not many—probably because we don’t know how what we eat impacts how our brain will function that day, let alone for the rest of our lives.

But research from animal studies and human studies indicates that an unhealthy diet of highly processed foods impacts how our memory works.

Let’s unpack that.  A processed diet is generally one high in saturated fats, sugar, and/or salt. Even food labelled low fat is often highly processed and high in sugar. A high processed food diet is called a Western-style diet. If you open lots of boxes, wrappers, and cans you are consuming a Western style diet.

When we learn new information – such as the discovery of an eighth continent called Zealandia – our brain has to make a new memory. This process requires physiological changes called hippocampal-dependent learning and memory. The hippocampi are two memory structures (about the size of the top of your pinky) located in the temporal lobes of your brain that are crucial for making and retrieving memories. One lives in the left hemisphere, and one lives in the right.

Researchers at Macquarie University compared the memory skills of 94 healthy university students who had eaten a healthy breakfast to those who had eaten an unhealthy breakfast. They compared how quickly the students were able to learn word pairs, like golf and bed, which requires the specific involvement of the hippocampi.  Those students who ate the unhealthy breakfast were slower to learn the novel word pairs than those on the healthy diet.  

It is generally accepted that an unhealthy diet reduces the amount of brain derived neurotrophic growth factors (BDNF) which are crucial for the hippocampi to make new memories.  Studies of older adults indicate that an unhealthy diet over the lifespan results in chronically lower levels of BDNF and causes the hippocampi to be smaller than adults who ate a healthy diet.

If you are someone who doesn’t eat breakfast and jumps straight to strong coffee, I suggest you reconsider. Many studies of adults and children suggest that breakfast is necessary for the brain to function well. Without fuel in the form of glucose energy that we get from food, the brain doesn’t work well. We also place our body under physiological stress and our mood can go down.

Nutrition research from the University of Leeds demonstrates that children who skip breakfast are disadvantaged because they learn less, make more mistakes and feel they can’t concentrate. In my clinical practice, I was asked to assess a student for possible Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The interview indicated that the student skipped breakfast like her mom. When she started eating breakfast, the teachers at her school said she was able to pay attention, concentrate much more easily and engage in the classroom activities.

So, tomorrow morning, consider eating a brain-boosting breakfast. Try something less processed like eggs, yoghurt, fruit, oats, avocado, sourdough toast, beans or salmon. 

CBD Olie kan helpen bij ADHD. Lees hoe op MHBioShop.com

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