Comment rendre un site Web accessible avec accessiB

Comment rendre un site Web accessible avec accessiB

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Ensuring your business website is accessible and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) can be frustrating, but it’s super important.

It is expensive, time-consuming, and factors such as website updates can disrupt your design and break the code that makes your site accessible.

Also, compliance codes can change anytime, making it hard for you to keep up and ensure web accessibility at all times, leading your small to medium business to face ADA lawsuits.

ADHD friendly, and other disability profiles that give them bulk adjustments for easy website navigation and use.

ADHD friendly profile. This profile automatically reduces noise and distractions on your website so users with neurodevelopmental disorders and ADHD can effectively read, browse, and focus on crucial site elements.

Here’s how your website appears to users when they enable the profile.

ADHD safe profile enables the reading mask that highlights the areas on your web page where users move their cursor.

This helps reduce or disable distracting website elements, allowing your visitors to browse your site effectively.

  • Epilepsy safe profile. The profile lets people with epilepsy use your website safely by removing or turning off site elements that can trigger seizures, such as blinking or flashing animations.

Your website users can also enable additional accessibility features on top of their chosen profiles using other adjustment tools in the interface.

Content adjustment

accessiBe’s content adjustment feature lets users adjust your website’s display, general appearance, and content.

ADHD) can find it challenging to browse through your website effectively if there are too many distracting elements, such as sounds, animations, and others.

An option that lets users reduce noise and other website components helps people with ADHD and other neurological disorders focus when navigating your website, allowing them to use your site effectively.


The best part is accessiBe does the work for you, all you have to do is implement one line of code.

Once installed accessiBe scans and analyzes your website for any accessibility issues, automatically adjusts new content, design, elements, and more to ensure your site is fully accessible at all times.

In a nutshell, most accessibility plugins only focus on providing you with front web cosmetic changes and lack the robust backend process responsible for addressing the bulk of the ADA and WCAG 2.1 accessibility requirements.

Using non-automated accessibility solutions means going over the long list of WCAG 2.1 requirements and manually making every single adjustment and adapting the software to your website to be compliant.

The entire process is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive. Also, while making your website accessible, you’d still be open to accessibility-related complaints that could lead your business to face potential ADA lawsuits.

Using manual solutions can also require hiring developers and WCAG 2.1 experts to ensure your website is fully accessible and compliant, which is expensive.

There’s also the issue of the sustainability and scalability of manual solutions.

Updating your website or adding new blog posts, graphics, content, and others can mess up your design and disrupt the code that’s making your site accessible.

This means you’ll have to go in every time and manually code the changes to adapt them for accessibility, which again, can drain a lot of your time and resources.

Additionally, as your business grows, so will the functionalities and features of your website. Sticking to a manual accessibility solution will only take more time, effort, and money.

accessiBe’s fully automated solution regularly scans your website to identify updates, applies adjustments, and rectifies accessibility issues.

It also uses AI-based backend processes and image recognition technology to assign text attributes for screen reader software automatically.

accessiBe cross-references your website’s behaviors and features across its database to determine commonalities.

Plus, once installed, it only takes about 48 hours for accessiBe to make your website fully accessible and compliant with legislation and web accessibility guidelines.

That being said, using manual accessibility solutions isn’t a strategically and financially sound option for small and large enterprises alike in terms of sustainability, scalability, and full compliance to the ADA and the WCAG 2.1.

With the state of the current accessibility solution market and thousands of websites that are still non-compliant to the ADA, the best way to truly provide equal access to all users is through the scalable, automated, and AI-based software that accessiBe offers.

Here’s a closer look at accessiBe’s fully automated accessibility solution compared to competitor accessibility plugins, services, and platforms through the following features and accessibility components.

Source code

Working with most accessibility platforms will likely require you to provide full access to your source-code and databases.

This allows the third-party accessibility service to dig through everything, which could take weeks and potentially disrupt your website’s system, break your original codes, and others.

With accessiBe, you just need to install the JavaScript snippet the platform provides, and it will modify the code at the browser level.

It means that accessiBe does not get access to your source code or affect it in any way. If you uninstall accessiBe, it will leave no trace on your website’s system.


With manual accessibility solutions and plugins, you’ll need to apply specific font sizes, color ratios, and more that could limit and hinder your user’s experience on your website.

Accessibility services also usually require full redesigns, putting all the hard work and money you put into designing your website to waste.

With accessiBe, you can design your website in any way you think is best for your marketing efforts, branding, and user experience.

accessiBe’s accessibility interface helps you accommodate persons with disabilities and allows users to adjust your website’s design to match preferences and needs perfectly.

Turnaround time

The WCAG comprises hundreds of specific design guidelines, code standards, best practices, and other technical requirements for web content accessibility.

Due to the complexity of the WCAG’s 1,000-page guidebook, it would take around three to twenty-six weeks (depending on the website) to complete one accessibility project using manual solutions.

accessiBe, on the other hand, takes around 48 hours to remediate your website’s accessibility issues upon installation fully.

The entire process is fully automated. Once accessiBe’s AI is done scanning and analyzing your website, you’ll receive an email with the “Accessibility Statement and Certificate,” explaining how your site achieves ADA and WCAG 2.1 compliance.


Each time you update your website, an accessibility issue can surface that you need to fix manually.

Every new content you add to your site, no matter how small, such as a single blog post, you’ll need to audit and adjust to make it accessible, which is extremely time-consuming and laborious.

This can also rack up your web developers’ and WCAG experts’ retainer fees, not to mention slowing down your marketing efforts since you’ll focus more on fixing your accessibility issue first.

accessiBe’s biggest advantage is it scans and analyzes each of your web pages at least once every 24 hours.

This allows the solution to identify potential accessibility holes from new website updates and revised or added content and remediate them for compliance quickly.


To achieve full compliance through manual accessibility solutions, you would need to work with WCAG experts and web developers.

As mentioned earlier, manually making a website fully accessible takes weeks, which means the WCAG experts and web developers need to put in many hours of work.

This puts your compliance costs at thousands of dollars, and you still need to factor in maintenance expenses.

accessiBe’s lowest pricing plan is at $490 per year, or $49 per month, for websites with 1,000 pages and under, and other tiers for sites with millions of pages.

As per accessiBe, all their plans are 10% less than the average industry price.

The cost of using accessiBe to achieve ADA and WCAG 2.1 compliance is far less than using manual accessibility solutions.

Most accessibility plugins also only help you comply with about 20% of the requirements, which could leave you open to liabilities and expensive lawsuits.

The benefits of using accessiBe’s fully automated accessibility solution far outweigh the costs.

With accessiBe, you’ll achieve full ADA and WCAG 2.1 compliance quickly, provide accessibility for disabled users and improve their experience on your website, and avoid lawsuits that can cost you thousands of dollars and harm your business’ reputation.

It also widens your audience, which increases your conversions and sales opportunities.

The best part is, that accessiBe does the bulk of the work for you with its accessibility interface and AI-powered background app that works together to make your website fully accessible.

With a single line of code, you’ll solve your site’s accessibility issues.



CBD Olie kan helpen bij ADHD. Lees hoe op

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