Classificatie van neuropsychiatrische ziekten met behulp van functionele connectomica – Resultaten van de Connectomics in NeuroImaging Transfer Learning Challeng

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[Submitted on 5 Jun 2020]

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Abstract: Large, open-source consortium datasets have spurred the development of new and increasingly powerful machine learning approaches in brain connectomics. However, one key question remains: are we capturing biologically relevant and generalizable information about the brain, or are we simply overfitting to the data? To answer this, we organized a scientific challenge, the Connectomics in NeuroImaging Transfer Learning Challenge (CNI-TLC), held in conjunction with MICCAI 2019. CNI-TLC included two classification tasks: (1) diagnosis of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) within a pre-adolescent cohort; and (2) transference of the ADHD model to a related cohort of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) patients with an ADHD comorbidity. In total, 240 resting-state fMRI time series averaged according to three standard parcellation atlases, along with clinical diagnosis, were released for training and validation (120 neurotypical controls and 120 ADHD). We also provided demographic information of age, sex, IQ, and handedness. A second set of 100 subjects (50 neurotypical controls, 25 ADHD, and 25 ASD with ADHD comorbidity) was used for testing. Models were submitted in a standardized format as Docker images through ChRIS, an open-source image analysis platform. Utilizing an inclusive approach, we ranked the methods based on 16 different metrics. The final rank was calculated using the rank product for each participant across all measures. Furthermore, we assessed the calibration curves of each method. Five participants submitted their model for evaluation, with one outperforming all other methods in both ADHD and ASD classification. However, further improvements are needed to reach the clinical translation of functional connectomics. We are keeping the CNI-TLC open as a publicly available resource for developing and validating new classification methodologies in the field of connectomics.

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CBD Olie kan helpen bij ADHD. Lees hoe op

Huile de CBD peut aider avec TDAH. Visite

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